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Marisol Castillo
The Ancestor 

Honoring those that came before and those to come after us...

Meet Marisol

    I am the daughter of Salvadoran parents, was raised in New Jersey and in El Salvador, and have called California home for the last 15 years. For my entire career, I've advocated for low income and marginalized communities of color by providing various degrees of mental health services. 

    I have a Master’s Degree in East-West Psychology, with a primary focus on ecotherapy and indigenous ways of knowing. I am passionate about teaching, writing, and creating spaces that bring people from all backgrounds together for transformative and self-empowering practices. 


    Currently pursuing a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology with a research interest in generational cycles of trauma, social-political, and cultural healing, and therapy for undocumented families.

My Intention

My intention is to highlight the influence intergenerational trauma plays in our daily lives, family dynamics, and relationships. Our lineage brings forth grief as well as wisdom. Let us explore together.

Below are highlighted some topics we can engage with: 

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Women Advocacy

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Gender Equality

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Dreams & Symbols

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Rituals & Sacred Space

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Family Patterns

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Substance Abuse

What Clients Say

What a blessing it has been to have Marisol as a part of my weekly self-care practice in the last couple of months! Marisol holds a safe container for me to speak freely about whatever is on my mind. Some days it's really hard, and other days the words I speak feel mundane, but I always feel a sense of relief and accomplishment when our sessions are over. And most importantly I feel witnessed and heard. Marisol provides me with gentle and insightful feedback, and I always leave our sessions with reflection and a sense of total relief, and like I can get through the hard stuff that comes up in my day to day life with a little more ease. Marisol is magic, and I am grateful to have found a coach who speaks on the importance of ancestral connection and ceremony. 

El So


"..what we are is what our ancestors did. How they survived. We are the memories we don't remember, which live in us, which we feel, which make us sing and dance and pray the way we do, feelings from memories that flare and bloom unexpectedly in our lives..